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Andrew diary 2006

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 17 years, 4 months ago


Welcome to my 2006 online diary!


Well, it's not the complete diary. Part of that (including the archives) lives at andymatter, and I'm a lot more particular about who sees and updates that part. But it's indicative of what is there, and where they differ on future events this one generally takes priority.


And as an aldertalk contributor, you have update access to it! That's how wikis work. Feel free to update it if that's appropriate, marking the update as you see fit. If it's a commitment I've made or just something I need to know about, just add it, no qualification is necessary. If it's a request or suggestion, mark it as such. There's no need to add your name, as you should be logged on with both a meaningful name and a working email address anyway, so I know who you are.


Remember that any other aldertalk contributor can read it! It's not a good place for anything very personal.


And please don't link to this page from anywhere in the public WWW. Instead let's keep the URL secret. That's an extra level of privacy (not security) that costs us nothing and which I think is appropriate for this particular page. It's not very secret, as anyone can see the page is there just by listing AllPages on this wiki.


Last request... don't be too neat. You just gonna mess up my system if you are...


It's my diary, so 'me' (etc) refers to Andrew Alder.


Regular commitments 2006

SMTWTFS order, which isn't the same as the detailed diary below




  • Sunday night 6pm (often earlier): St Andrews band practice and service
  • Mon-Fri 8-9:30am and 2:45-4pm during school terms: TPS crossing
  • Tuesday night 7:15 for 7:45pm: Mixed Blessings practice (I set up)
  • Wednesday after the crossing: SRE class then driving for the Care Centre (until about 11am)




  • Second Sunday 7:30am and the Saturday preceding 4=6pm: TUC am band (worship leader)
  • Fourth Sunday 8am and the Saturday preceding 4=6pm: TUC am band (drummer)
  • First Monday 7:30 for 7:45pm: St Andrews Church Council
  • Fourth Monday pm: St Andrews Neighbourhood Program
  • Second Thursday TUC property committee
  • Third Friday The Grey Tent Singers practice 7.45pm


Promise of Things to Come


In reverse order, ie furthest in the future first. Older entries may be archived by me from time to time.



December 2006


See also my new diary


  • 21 Thursday last day of school
  • 19 Tuesday MBs carols at AKBs
  • 18 Monday MBs at Chesalon
  • 15 Friday work at Turra BC
  • 12 Tuesday MBs carols at Balgowlah tbc
  • 5 Tuesday 12noon MBs at RNSH
  • 3 Sunday 9am drum at TUC




  • 27 Monday 7:30pm (arrive for for practice 6:30 ready to play) Amelia's commissioning, I sing and drum
  • 19 Sunday
    • MBs Mt Colah pm tbc
    • Lead TA am, swapped from 12th, Mal and Scon both away
  • 17 Friday work at Turra BC
  • 14-18 Tuesday-Saturday LuluSit, Rob etc fly out to Maroochy Tuesday night and back Sunday afternoon.
  • 12 maybe not be involved TA am, swapped for 19th
  • 11 Saturday Crosscape
    • 12 noon 10th anniversary lunch
    • 2pm AGM
  • 5 Sunday Steve's farewell at St Andys
  • 4 Saturday MBs PSA




HC elder St Andrews 7pm, date in October tba


  • 29 Sun or 28 Sat parents return
  • 27 Friday Bruce, Edith, Jeremy and Elise for dinner
  • 20-22 (Friday-Sunday) UCA Canberra Music Ministry Weekend - Mixed Blessings no longer going, and probably I'm not going either.
  • 20 Friday Grey Tent Singers practice
  • 19 Thursday 10am see Paul Cameron
  • 18 Wednesday see cardiologist
  • 16 Monday
    • 7.45pm at the StAndys fellowship room meet HKL.
    • first day of school term 4 (pupils are back on day one - NO pupil free day)
  • 15 Sunday elder St Andrews 9am
  • 14 Saturday LuluSit
  • 13 Friday
    • 5:30pm Work for Aileen - N Turra BC
    • M&D to Armidale, thence to Brisbane on Saturday
  • 8 Sunday elder St Andres pm - going to preach on Psalms of lament, Gideon, anger - dnh
  • 3-13 Tuesday-Friday my lb window
  • 3 Tuesday Rob etc home from Gold Coast
  • 1-2 (Sunday - Monday) Port Stephens Regatta



  • 30 Saturday MBs PSA (evening)?
  • 29-30 (Friday-Saturday) Port Stephens Regatta (Jayhawk no longer going)
  • 29 Friday Rob Jo Iza Millie leave for Gold Coast, I dogsit until Tuesday
  • 29 Friday last day of school term 3
  • 23 Tuesday Joan's birthday party Kyneton (Vic)
  • 21–24 Thursday-Sunday Sydney Emmaus Women's Walk #108
  • 20 Wednesday Moving day
  • 18 Monday evening Crosscape Board Meeting to receive financials
  • 18 Packers in
  • 11 Monday Settlement! I move to Dainton Ave.
  • 4 Monday Dad's birthday party, Thai restaurant, evening
  • 3 Sunday elder St Andrews 9am



  • 25 Friday last day of rental of old house - dnh
  • 23 Wednesday probable moving day - dnh
  • 20 Sunday HC elder at St Andrews 9am
  • 19 Saturday Jon Lightfoot's party, spit roast
  • 13 Sunday TIS dedications at St Andrews
  • 12 Saturday Leigh's party BBQ
  • 11 Friday contracted settlement date on both house sale and purchase - deferred
  • 6 Sunday HC elder at St Andrews 9am - deferred
  • 5 Saturday a night of fun and frivolity at the West Epping Uniting Church. Mad Hatters playing.



  • Tuesday 25 Dad speaking at HADARC (I have an official leave pass from MBs to chauffer) - NO rescheduled June 27
  • Monday 24 Dad speaking at St Andrews Neighbourhood Program
  • Saturday 22 Christmas in July dinner and MBs concert at Roseville UCA
  • Monday 17 First day of school term 3 (pupil free day)
  • Saturday 8
    • Grey Tent Christmas in July at Turramurra HS, maybe Grey Tent singers contributing (among other music)
    • Emmaus Gathering at Turramurra Uniting Church
  • Saturday 1 RMYC Prizegiving



MBs Rehearsals 6, 13, 20, 27 (AKB away from 2-22)


  • Friday 30 last day of school term 2
  • Tues 27 HADARC talk Dad talking at Mt Colah, me driving
  • Mon 26 10:30am LML and I talk to Peter Francis
  • Sunday 25 pm I present Must Have Experience study 5 on Luke 10:1-20 at St Andrews
  • Thursday 22 shopping with LML
  • Wed 21 evening Crosscape board meeting
  • Saturday 17th June, 6pm, Kairos DInner Dance (with someone nice - maybe - still to decide and book - probably not)
  • Friday 16th June
    • 7.45 PM at 21 Robin Ave Sth Turramurra - Grey Tent singers practice
    • Harts to Thai restaurant for Bob Hart's birthday (so I can't attend... pity)
  • Thursday 15 morning after the crossing meet David Layson to discuss the grey tent website
  • Wednesday 14 1pm visit Jan O
  • Tuesday 13 coffee with Rob Day 10am Pierre's coffee/Patisserie at Turramurra
  • Saturday 10
    • Emmaus Gathering at Turramurra Uniting Church: 6pm Tea (bring a plate) 7pm Worship Service
    • 12:30 Bushwalk down to Bobbin Head with LML


See also Jayhawk sailing program (a public page).


See also Mixed Blessings diary (a private page, and with a different password to this one).

See also dates (a very personal page with a rather restricted password).


See also The Grey Tent coming events (another public page).

Some other useful links:


http://www.industrialrelations.nsw.gov.au/holidays/ NSW public holidays


http://www.schools.nsw.edu.au/calendar/viewtermdates.php NSW school term dates


http://www.sydneyemmaus.org.au/ Sydney Emmaus Community

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