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Jayhawk file conversion experiments

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 10 months ago
DateEventBe at BoatRobertAndrewDebBethJasonRussellJohn RMike KFionaSteve CNick Others
Saturday 6/5/2006Lion Island 1 RPAYC1200YesNoYesNoNoYesYes+2Yes+BrentNo"Doug W KimberleyDanielleSheri
Saturday 13/5/2006Lion Island 2 RPAYC & cb1200YesNoYesNoNoNoNoNoNoYesDoug W Sheri
Sunday 14/5/2006Two-handed 1 RPAYC830YesYes
Saturday 20/5/2006Lion Island 3 RPAYC1200YesNoYestbcNoNoYes+?tbcNoDoug W tbc Brian Peter R
Saturday 27/5/2006Old Timers Race - non Spinnaker1300YesYesNoYes+?NoBruce R steering MichaelH+Lauchie
Saturday 3/6/2006Winter 1 RPAYC1200YesYesYesCGtbctbcNotbctbc
Saturday 17/6/2006Winter 2& boat clean1200YesYestbcYes+?Doug Watt tbc
Sunday 18/6/2006Two-handed 2 RPAYC830YesNotbc
Saturday 24/6/2006Winter 3 1200YesYestbcNoYesPeter Runcie
Saturday 1/7/2006Winter 4 & Presentation Night RMYC1200Yes
Saturday 8/7/2006Winter 5 RPAYC1200Yes
Saturday 15/7/2006Winter 6 RPAYC1200YesPeter Runcie
Sunday 16/7/2006Two-handed 3 RPAYC830YesYes
Saturday 22/7/2006Winter 7 RPAYC1200Yes
Saturday 29/7/2006Winter 8 RPAYC1200Yes
Saturday 5/8/2006Winter 9 RPAYC1200Yes
Saturday 12/8/2006Winter 10 RPAYC1200Yes
Sunday 13/8/2006Two-handed 4 RPAYC830YesYes
Saturday 19/8/2006Winter 11 RPAYC1200Yes
Saturday 26/8/2006Winter 121200Yes
Sunday 3rd SeptemberTwo-handed 5 RPAYC830Yestbctbc
Thursday 7th September2 Handed End of Season Dinner & Awards1900Yes




Port Stephens Regatta: Long Weekend October

Thursday 28 SeptemberPittwater to Port Stephens1600|YesYes||||Peter Runcie 1 way

Saturday 30 SeptemberCabbage Tree Island Race900|YesYes||||

Sunday 1 OctoberPort Stephens to Pittwater1800|YesYes||||

Coffs Series - 27&28/12/2006 tbc|YesYes||tbc||Doug Watt

Coffs Long Race 2-4/1/2007|YesYes|||Peter Runcie|Doug Watt

Coffs races in Coffs 5&6/1/2007|YesYes|||Peter Runcie|Doug Watt

Coffs Return 7&8/1/2007|tbcYes||||Doug Watt

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