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TUC music musings

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 16 years, 10 months ago

Some musings that are relevant to the TUC music wish list but not fully baked enough to go there, perhaps yet, perhaps ever


feel free to add to them!


see also piggy back trolley and TUC music gear reviewers and feel free to make your own pages if they seem helpful - the same edit password that you need to update pages here lets you create new ones too



Amplifier for the Chapel


The existing Chapel organ amplifiers and loudspeakers would do an excellent job as an external amplifier for a portable keyboard, either in addition to its built-in system if it has one (need a keyboard with an aux output not just 'phones to do this) or instead. Addition of a volume ("swell") pedal between the keyboard output and the amplifier is probably a good idea anyway, and might be essential for this, and it might even need to be an active one with some gain... need to suck it and see with a particular keyboard.


The amplifiers could remain available to the organ as well... we could even use a little mixer (possibly passive would do here) to make them both work at once if we wanted, which might soften the blow for those who want to preserve the existing organ but I wouldn't bother. Personally I feel that the donor of the organ (whom I knew) would be heartbroken to think that his handiwork might become a liability, and overjoyed if his handmade amps and speakers had yet another chance to contribute to worship, particularly to traditional worship, but to any worship. - aa


The three proposed amplifiers would all be both suitable and available for Chapel services:

  • Marshall MG 50DFX guitar amplifier
  • Behringer BXL900A bass combo amplifier
  • Wharfedale SVP-12PM powered wedge

but the wedge would both be the easiest to use and give the best sound of the three.


Guitar amplifier


Might we have some sort of fundraiser to upgrade the guitar amplifier from a Fender FM65R to a Marshall MG 50DFX? It's only an extra $140 and takes us from average to excellent.


Andrew's draft list

in no particular order and obsoleted by TUC music wish list DRAFT


Suggest you don't simply edit this one... comment by all means (here or anywhere!) or make your own


  • Marshall MG 50DFX guitar amplifier
  • Roland RD300
    • Alternative to Chapel organ and piano
    • 9am and 6:30pm band instrument
  • Behringer BXL900A bass combo amplifier
  • Hercules DS543B Flute/Clarinet/Piccolo stand
  • Three music stands with bow rests
  • Wharfedale SVP-12PM powered wedge, used as:
    • Lead vocal foldback for 6pm service
    • Keyboard amplifier for Chapel
  • New heads for snare drum (top and bottom) and all three tom bottoms (recycle current bottom heads to tops or keep for spares)
  • Drummers stool (generic is fine but SOLID)
  • Two cymbal stands, boom type (generic is fine, medium duty)
  • JTS 902 dual radio microphone system, one handheld and one omnidirectional headset plus body pack
  • Two pairs of 7N drumsticks (for emergencies only, generic is fine)


Not a high priority IMO


  • Guitar stand (people bring their own but maybe put stagehands or generic equivalent on the guitar and bass amps)


Stagehand guitar holder


See http://www.guitarholder.com/ but they're pricey for what they are... investigate generics, or even make our own?

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