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TUC music wish list DRAFT

Page history last edited by Andrew Alder 17 years ago

As this page can't be seen without the password, we can be a little less inhibited... for example, price quotes are confidential, and shouldn't be on the TUC music wish list page


  1. Ashdown Five Fifteen bass amplifier 100W 15" $599 RRP
  2. Drummers stool <$150 estimate
  3. Basic keyboard and amplifier: Roland RD300 $1,968 TM online price plus stand plus Boss FV50 passive volume pedal $159 RRP plus Wharfedale SVP-12PM $549 TM online price
  4. Three music stands with bow rests $240 estimate
  5. Hercules DS543B Flute/Clarinet/Piccolo stand $34 RRP
  6. Guitar amplifier Marshall MG 50DFX $569 TM online price
  7. Lead vocal wedge Wharfedale SVP-12M $259 RRP (model very likely to change)
  8. Two cymbal stands, boom type <$300 estimate
  9. Upgrade keyboard to Roland RD700 (replacing RD300 above)
  10. Upgrade keyboard amplifier to 100W keyboard amplifier seen at GPs or similar (replacing SVP-12PM above... note that the separate SVP-12M lead vocal wedge above is also then a requirement)
  11. Replacement drum heads (top and bottom snare, three bottom toms) $149 RRP
  12. Two pairs of 7N drumsticks (for emergencies only, generic is fine) $14 estimate
  13. JTS 902 dual radio microphone system, one handheld and one omnidirectional headset plus body pack, $750 estimate

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